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A symposium to establish a new context for the long standing enigma:
The symposium originally planned for 2009 was postponed due to insufficient resources, this site now hosts additional material related to ‘Left in the Dark’

‘Why our undoubted glimmers of genius

go hand in hand with overwhelming insanity’
(and why we will never solve the enormous problems we have created without addressing the underlying cause).


Or quite simply providing a radical new answer to the question ‘what on earth is going on?’ 

Objectives Raising Awareness and drawing attention to the radical new theory that the failure of our brain to reach its full or optimal development underlies virtually all the challenges we currently face and explains our utterly inept and inappropriate responses.
People Interest is rapidly developing and the number of people involved in participating organising and networking is growing. Lawrence Bloom http://www.lawrencebloom.com/ Dr Michael Winkelman Steve Charter http://www.sc2.org.uk/
Location Under discussion, Initially Cornwall now in or around London
Venue Under discussion.
Date Under discussion.

    and on 

An event to launch a major new project that will turn everything we think we know about the human mind on its head.

Challenging the untested belief that our brain and associated state of mind are as functional as we think.


According to current thinking cerebral dominance is the product of adaptive selection and has resulted in one side of our brain (the left) acquiring specialist abilities such as speech and rational or conceptual thinking. With these ‘advanced’ skills the left hemisphere has come to dominate our thinking, behaviour and psychology. In effect our mind and sense of self or who we think we are is primarily a product of the left side of our brain. Of course the conclusion that our left hemisphere has specialised and advanced abilities is, by definition, a conclusion reached by our left hemisphere!

Lets suppose just for a minute that our left hemisphere is a hormonally retarded, structurally damaged, perceptually limited and psychologically deluded version of our right hemisphere and its rise to dominance was driven by fear and the need to maintain a sense of control due to its increasing damage. In effect cerebral dominance is a symptom of a neurodegenerative condition rather than an advanced adaptive trait.

Of course there is no possibility that such a ludicrous suggestion could be correct unless there were already an overwhelming body of evidence in existence from a number of academic disciplines. There would also be clues from less orthodox traditions and obviously our behaviour might hint at all not being as well as we have been led to believe. All we would need to do is ask the question, then based on the evidence or lack thereof, dismiss the notion once and for all.


Occasionally a theory will blow your mind.

This theory will tell you why your mind is already blown.